Vive la resistance!

I went to a great meeting yesterday.  Okay, yes, that’ s really my life: a meeting can be a great thing. A group of leaders questioned the validity of training I’m developing.  Polite shots across the bow, honestly.  Now we’re in interesting waters!

The large assembly – sixteen people – is a working group set up to address issues in an area of concern in our organization.  They come from varied roles and departments.  Among them through, imagine marketing and sales, or sales and operations.

Thank you for the feedback
"Thank you for the feedback!"

If you recognize how different those perspectives are, then imagine something similar here.  The differences in work… …and conditions are real.  But like all such distinctions, it hard not to cherish the differences.  I’m not talking about exceptionalism or prejudice.  I’m talking about human nature – my own.  Talking about how it’s different for me doesn’t bridge the differences.

Sticking with the analogy, the sales team is on the front lines.  They face a dizzying array of complex demands daily.  They feel that they don’t need the training, but that their support staff needs training.  “If you really want to have an impact, well…”.  Meanwhile, operations thinks sales needs training.  And corporate, back at headquarters, thinks that if you reach the best sales people, they can play a role in setting a new standard for work and processes at the front end.  Not just solving problems, but getting more work right and more work done so that they’re free to sell.

We’re all laboring under our good goals and intentions.  All I have to do is prove that it’s worth spending time learning what the best performers say they they don’t need and don’t have time for.

Next time…what I’ll do to demonstrate the need for training and start to get people in the target audience on board the ship they were firing on earlier this week.

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