The Equipoise Project

What is The Equipoise Project?

The Equipoise Project is a community of leaders and other good-hearted people learning how to develop attention and awareness that leads to clarity, effectiveness, and meaning at work.

Everything I offer here is designed to give you resources in yourself to address all the low lights and highlights of your experience. In other words, you could experience less struggle and a growing sense of freedom of movement. You could suffer less and enjoy more.

The Equipoise Project is also a growing practice community founded on principles and programming that I’ve been offering to select colleagues for three years.

Come and see

You can sign up below to hear about short, no-cost events from The Equipoise Project. Think of it as a “tasting” to see what it would be like to join me and others.

Equipoise? Sounds fancy

“Equipoise” describes how we aim to be: attentive, aware, ready to act without impulsiveness, and familiar with habitual urges that are driven by fear and wishfulness that get in the way of clarity and freedom.

If that sounds like an exalted state – rare and difficult to achieve – you might say that. Yeah.


Experiencing equipoise every moment of every day may be hard to envision. But from time to time, you have probably already experienced ease, fluidity, and a sense of cooperating with what’s happening. Take a moment now to recall it. It’s a natural capacity that we can develop and offer for the benefit of others. It’s not out of reach for any of us.

What we practice,

we strengthen

Shauna Shapiro, neuroscientist

There are many ways that The Equipoise Project may grow. For now, it is where I’ll invite you to practice-focused programs. Soon, it will also be the home for a community of people who aim to share a simple set of commitments to practice and to support one another as they carry them out. Like all communities, your participation shapes the future.

Consider trying one of my short, no-cost, “taster” events to see if The Equipoise Project has something for you. You can sign up to hear about events below.

Who knows? You may even find that new practices change your perspective and open outward from learning, developing, and growing to a glimpse of something more.

Stay in touch. Join a no-cost event.

How might more equipoise steady you for the work that’s important to you?