Purpose-driven career requires courage and fortitude

Quote of the Week: Last week, when [The Drucker Exchange] asked about the importance of purpose in a career, reader Anthony Ghosn had this to say:

The challenge is that the individual power [of a purpose-driven leader] is a threat to the shallow management and executive control that we have all experienced in organizational behavior through executives driven by fear and short-sighted initiatives.The real breakthrough is when the organizational leader unleashes the power of purpose-driven aspirations.

The leader that can stand back, let go and watch the power of a collective purpose-driven organization will realize unmatched success. It is a balancing act, and this approach requires fortitude and courage, but many organizations have succeeded and have sustainable organizational models with ‘purpose’ as an underlying and guiding principle.

via What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading | The Drucker Exchange | Daily Blog by The Drucker Institute.

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