Our current vacation in hell

If “social distancing” and isolating yourself sound like a vacation in a very boring hell, consider this.

You’re in hell because you’re not in control.

You’re in hell because you can’t choose who you spend time with.

You’re in hell because someone else is setting limits on you.

You’re in hell because you want…something else.

You’re in hell because some of the things that feel meaningful have been taken away. I’m not thinking of toilet paper. I’m thinking of all the things you do that make up your routine, that feel “like you,” that assure you that you know who you are.

You’re in hell because you do not seem to be who you thought you were.

When we take a close look, none of these experiences throws us into a personal vacation in hell.

But our reactions to the experience do that. We could pay attention. “Whoa. Here I am crashing into my own hell again. There must be something I really want to master, control, break free from, not have to face, not have to feel.”

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