Happiness Day

What about my happiness day?Did you miss International Happiness Day on Wednesday this week? I nearly did. Here in the sovereign nation of bigIdea, my gross domestic happiness (GDH) growth curve took a dip. I have a right to be unhappy. Right? Difficult circumstances and unwelcome surprises bring us down. I’m unhappy and I know it. Or so I thought.

In fact, thanks to Susan David, I learned the common ways that clinicians are coming to understand the defintions and measures of happiness. Read her good blog post here.

Are you happy?

I did my own review:

  • I am doing meaningful work.
  • I am engaged in the present and its tasks.
  • I am not content, but I’m very hopeful.

In ancient Greece, no life was judged happy until after death. Was it a life that was worthy, well-lived, well-used in service of noble goals? By these measures, those Greeks were not happy until others judged them so.

In the 21st century, we experience happiness more subjectively. On good days, we seek to improve our GDH. We often look outside ourselves. We may look at our circumstances and feel stymied about how to change them. But we have the ability to change the growth curve of happiness.

  • What are you doing to infuse work and relationships with meaning?
  • What are you doing to engage with what you do and the people you do it with?
  • What are you doing to arrange for a pleasant-enough life to sustain you for the challenges you face?

I was happy and I didn’t know it.  Do you want to be happy? Happiness is produced by pursuing happiness. Today can be the first Happiness Day in your sovereign nation. Don’t miss it.

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