Friday: Where did the week go?

Okay, it’s Friday.  You made it through the week again.  Time to make sense of what happened.

Some of the lessons of the week are obvious.  But leaders who are in it for the long haul reflect, not just about what they should do more of or less of.  They’re practicing the wide-angle view.  We learn the same lesson more than once because we interpret what happened the same way.  The wide-angle view is a habit of noticing more than we saw the last time we looked.

The wide angle view

Simple reflection demands a little time, attention, and a willingness not to judge too harshly.  It can be hard to pay attention to things we wish we hadn’t said, done, thought, and felt.  But that’s where a lot of important information lies.

Think about a moment you were very bored this week.  What was keeping you from getting engaged?  When did you get angry?  What was at risk?  I’d be glad to go on suggesting emotions and thoughts for you to consider.

But this is your reflection.  Welcome to Friday.

Try these questions out as you review and plan for next week:

What did I do that I’m proud of?

  • What work?
  • What thinking?
  • What interactions?

When was I not the kind of person I really want to be?

  • Too hard?
  • Too soft?
  • Disengaged?
  • Emotionally wrought up?

Instead of asking, “Why?” consider, “What did I need that I was trying to get out of that situation?”

How has a wider view changed my interpretation of what happened?



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