Center of Balance no-cost, live webinar

Update April 2020: I’m pausing Center of Balance events for a little while. This will allow me to choose new dates when we can all begin to think about new patterns of living and working. Right now, so much is up in the air.

Be safe and take care of those you love at home, at work, and in your communities.

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Each of is a leader and most of us are maxed out at some point during the day. You lead your family, your business, your team, your church, and even yourself.

I know from experience that when I can lead, collaborate, listen, and follow from a basic sense of balance, I do more of what I intend and I struggle with circumstances less.

Get a taste of what balance is like, and learn more

In this live webinar, I’ll share a simple practice that helps cultivate that sense of balance. I’ll also spend part of the time describing what you’ll get from the Center of Balance program. But at least half the time will be dedicated to discussion and your questions.

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I look forward to talking with you on one of the dates below.

More event dates to come soon.