Do over

Thanks to some insoluable WordPress upgrade kink, this blog starts again today.  I’ll be ranging more widely across the work I do, the tools I’m using, and the challenges of change that appear to be on the horizon.  All while trying to avoid telling stories on others that impugn them or their work.  Because the thing is, we’ll all trying to do something good in the work we do.

I’m an experiment

About a month ago, I eased into a new job at my “company.”  I had been designing and developing a comprehensive curriculum for broad training audience under the direction of a cross functional group.  (That work goes live in January.)  Or, many masters, one clear audience.  The new job makes me a training and communications manager in one of the departments that sponsored that curriculum.  Or, few masters, many audiences.

To my knowledge, though there are hundreds of departments here and 10,000 employees, ours is the only department with someone in my role.  I have one eye on training needs internally and the other on needs among our internal partners and clients.  It’s a complex business, and half of the overall revenue comes through our door.  A lot of the work calls for sophisticated decision-making in gray areas of policy.

What am I looking forward to?  Everything.  What strikes me as challenging?  Everything.  Because we’re not building a training function, we’re changing the way people think about training.  So what I, and my boss, supporters, and forward thinking colleagues have to prove is, “Is it worth it?”

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  1. What about you? When have you started up a function in a big organization and stayed through the uphill climb to realize the benefits of doing it, to get to “hey, this is an attractive place to work”?

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