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Update April 2020

There’s nothing I’d like better than to spend the weeks ahead with you working on a sense of steadiness, ease, and balance. But right now, I know it’s hard to commit time and money because it is hard to know what we need to be ready for in coming days.

Right now, take care of yourselves, your loved ones, your colleagues, and your community. And let me know how I might help.

I expect to announce a new Fall start date for Center of Balance in coming months. Just like you, I’m reading the signs and adapting day by day.

In the meantime, check out Resources, Events, and the blog. Consider signing up for the newsletter at the bottom of this page. You’ll be among the first to learn about new offerings. And please feel free to get in touch for a no-cost, no-selling conversation. I’m thinking of you.

I don’t need to tell you that time is short, work is hard / rewarding, family is a joy / responsibility – so much to do, so much information, so many people.


You’re taking a meaningful step
to find out how to experience balance at work every day

It is possible to develop abilities to have more ease, less running breathless and freaking out through the day. It will take some practice.

Why I offer Center of Balance

I created Center of Balance because I needed a way to face new challenges and respond differently. Even though I have helped many hundreds of people learn over the last 30 years, I kept running into the trip wire of my own patterns. You know, the things you say you’ll do differently next time. To learn from experience. Then, too late, you find that you are doing it again and getting the same results. Maybe these sound familiar to you: rushing to solutions, blindness to others’ perspectives, making low-grade enemies of those who disagree, knee-jerk self-criticism, treating requests and feedback as personal criticism.

Though I found good, effective ways to work with others, stumbling over my trip wires drove me crazy. I didn’t know how to change that. That is, until I found practices that bring awareness to patterns before they take over. It has taken time, but every minute of practice and learning has been worth it. These are the practices of Center of Balance.

Become steadier using three practices

In the Center of Balance practice program, you’ll learn three methods of centering yourself. You’ll experience what balance feels like. You’ll clearly recognize the difference between reacting and settling down. And you’ll begin to get a sense that overwhelm is not just “out there.”

See patterns and find genuine choice

You may also see how patterns shape our day-to-day experience. You’ll begin to see alternatives to reacting and doing that-thing-that-happens. Angry outbursts. Defensiveness. Resignation. Creating enemies. Avoiding. We all experience them. I still do. You’ve already noticed that they happen again (and again?). Working with Center of Balance practices, choices open up. We see that we can also not do what usually happens automatically.

Who is Center of Balance for?

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.

Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.

Jalal al-Din Rumi
  • Center of Balance is for leaders, managers, and leadership coaches who are prepared to look inward.
  • You want to see your situation more clearly but clarity has been hard to come by.
  • You may want to change patterns and routines that used to work well but don’t produce the effect you hope for now.
  • Maybe you’ve wondered, how do I change this stubborn situation, difficult relationship, limits to my impact, or [your stubborn thing here]?
  • Maybe you are beginning to think that you are unintentionally producing unwanted results. Center of Balance can also help you see yourself more clearly.
  • Center of Balance is also an invitation to complement what you already do and deepen a sense of balance by focusing on putting practice to work in your unique situation.

What’s included?

This program is different from some other learning programs. (Maybe it should be called a conditioning program.) The focus is practice. Here’s how it works.

Start date
late Summer or early Fall
as conditions of the coronavirus emergency change and it becomes possible for all of us to plan and make new commitments

Welcome, introductions, and what to expect ~ Week 1

I’ll describe Center of Balance: the purpose, objectives, and an overview of what’s to come. We’ll take time to get to know each other. We’ll also try a brief, simple practice so that we all have a taste of how we’ll learn.

Body ~ Weeks 2 – 6

In the West, we tend to think that the brain is the driver and the body as its car. In fact, all experience starts in the body, producing thoughts, emotion, interpretations, ideas, and more. Is the body a better place to look for center of balance than thinking? Let’s see.

Heart ~ Weeks 7 – 11

The complex of nerves around the heart send as much or more information to the body and the brain than the brain communicates to the body. We underestimate the effect that the heart has on our state of mind. And it’s a powerful symbol of authenticity (“in my heart of hearts”), commitment to what’s important (“I put my whole heart into it”), and even love.

Breath ~ Weeks 12 – 16

If you hold your breath long enough, you’ll be reminded how important breath is: synonymous with life itself, and variable, subtle, automatic. We’ll explore developing attention to the breath to recognize the experience of “center” in the mind.

Throughout Center of Balance

  • We meet weekly, live, online to reinforce the practice, discuss what you are experiencing, and get a small dose of ideas to investigate and compare with your experience.
  • Learn a short, simple practice to experience “center” – a steadier, more balanced state. Think of it as inside-out work. We’re exercising attention and awareness.
  • You aim to do the current practice daily-ish. Five times a week is the goal, though you’ll start with an achievable goal.
  • Weekly, you’ll reflect in a semi-structured way on practice and the effects it seems to be having on you in the rest of your life.

The way we’ll learn together week-in and week-out will look familiar on the surface. That’s because practice is a different way of learning. As long as you have your phone, you will always have plenty of information at your fingertips. But what do you know in your bones?

Here’s the invitation of Center of Balance

Learn not just ideas about balance
but a recognizable experience of balance
that you can practice, tap into, and develop

Expectations…of you

When you look at the Center of Balance agenda, you can see that there is plenty to learn and try out. Those who have found programs like this meaningful have done their best to meet these expectations.

  • Be prepared to set time aside. My own experience tells me that this kind of learning doesn’t “fit in” to our already full lives. Start by thinking of this as a 10-minute-a-day practice. During that time, plan to do nothing else.
  • Expect to reflect at least weekly. This means setting aside at least an additional 20 minutes to turn your attention to highlights and low lights of the week, what effect practice may be having on you, and how that’s evident in the week’s review.
  • Read and use the short bulletins from Center of Balance – that’s me, of course. You’ll only receive one each week. They can take the form of one or two pages of complementary reading, short audio recordings, or an email.
  • Inquire and discuss. The weekly, live meetings focus on practice and discussion. Bring questions, confusion, celebration, objections, observations, and uncertainties. Your questions are likely to be what’s on someone else’s mind, too.
  • Attend. I encourage you to show up for every meeting. Life happens, and it will get in the way of your attending a meeting. But being there with others, getting familiar with our authentic experiences of center and imbalance will clarify how to use practice in the following days. I want you to show up regardless your mood or energy level at the time. No worries.

You have questions

What you get out of Center of Balance will be particular to you. You may have questions. Is it right for you now? Or you’re hoping for outcomes that address your situation. Can you achieve them through Center of Balance?

If Center of Balance is right for you, I’m eager to have you join. But it’s not for everyone. It may not be for you right now. I’m glad to talk about what you want and what the program offers so that you can decide for yourself.

A great value

Here’s a review of what you’ll get:

  • Sixteen live, weekly, one-hour practice and learning meetings online. There’s plenty of time to learn, practice, and observe the effect the practices are having for you over sixteen weeks. That’s where it really comes home.
  • A small, like-minded group: Registration is limited to 10 people. You’ll have plenty of time to listen, ask questions, and discuss without competing with dozens of people in a massive, online lecture. There’s also the intangible, but real support that comes from the environment we create together, one of shared intentions, hope for good outcomes, and patience and respect for what each of us is experiencing.
  • Downloadable audio and print resources to support you as you practice: the methods, a taste of theory and relevant research, and material for further reflection.
  • Reflection and learning journal so that you can bring consistent attention to recognizing and tapping into the experience of center of balance.
  • Up to four half-hour, one-on-one discussion and coaching sessions with me. You’ll have time to make sense of what you’re learning at a deeper level. If you choose, together we can develop ways to apply center of balance abilities to your job or other settings that are important to you.

You probably already know that two hours of coaching alone can cost $600 or more. To early adopters like you…

Center of Balance is … $600

Take the next step. Here’s how to enroll.

A new Fall sign up date will be announced later


Please answer a few questions about yourself, your situation, and your motivation for joining Center of Balance. This should take about 10 minutes.


Let’s talk.

After I hear from you, I’ll reach out to arrange an informal call so that we can meet.


Finish enrolling. I’ll send you a note with a link to a PayPal processing page.

If a still, small voice is hinting to you that Center of Balance could help you know and take action on what’s most important to you, please call or write.

With only 10 spaces in Center of Balance,
I’d like you to be there if now is the time for you

I’m interested, but…

You may think, “This sounds interesting, but I’m swamped for a couple months.” That’s fair. Or maybe a future offering from me and The Equipoise Project would fit you better.

Please stay in touch

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