Being the Team

Teams are where most leaders – most people – do critical, high-stakes work in the 21st century.

The team is a source of leverage, innovation, agility, and superior judgment. But even strong teams can develop stubborn patterns that limit the results they deliver.

The BIG IDEA approach focuses on the leader as he or she leads and manages the team, doing real work in real time.

Team coaching:

  • Identifies what stands in the way of current and long-term effectiveness
  • Focuses on the leader as she works with her team
  • Supports the leader with individual coaching in parallel with team coaching
  • Raises awareness about team patterns that limit or block results
  • Develops new skills and knowledge in the entire team, just in time
  • Engages team members in coaching to support learning and change on high priority team issues

Like individual coaching, team coaching focuses on meaningful, measurable goals and provides support, direction, and accountability for learning, action, and results.

Team coaching is for leaders and organizations who recognize that they can perform better to deliver outstanding results. Achieving their highest and best will call on them to take a fresh view of challenges, obstacles, effort, and persistence. While leaders are responsible for this change, the coach supports the leader and her team with insight, expertise, and feedback that is virtually impossible to gain by other sources.

Hear more about leadership states of mind and how changing them can make leaders more effective, teams more motivated, and both less stressed by the effort.