Balance: Wanting more

Balance is a fine thing to aspire to, but you may notice that when you have enough of one thing, you find you want more of something else.

This is how it is for me. When I have enough work, I want more leisure. And leisure might mean, going for a strenuous hike, but it might also mean sitting still, reading, and nodding off when I’ve had enough. When I feel that I’m keeping connected to friends and community, I want more time alone. When I’m loved, I also want mental stimulation.

Balance isn’t a matter of trying to have more of something. What if trying to find balance is a matter of really paying attention to the things we’re over committed to, doing too much, too often, and doing them less.

It’s not easy to pay attention to over-doing. That’s because it’s useful, effective (for a while), responsible, even admired and expected.

You could try to notice when you wish for something different – more of something else – what might you be overdoing. Just start paying attention to that. See what happens when you do.

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