A little commercial for acting locally

In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, such stuff as job performance, training programs, and competency models are pretty near the top.  Food and shelter near the bottom.  Because I get to spend most of my time thinking about the former, I’ve been supporting Somerville Homeless Coalition for ten years.

This year I’m challenging myself to raise money and run the fundraising road race.  Okay, 5K isn’t a big challenge.  But you have to raise a kitty, show up regardless the weather, and run.  It’s my way of having some skin in the game and to share the road with others who care about home, their hometown, and our neighbors without homes.

If home is important to you and you don’t worry having it or keeping it, consider making even a small contribution to help me get to my $100 goal.  Sure, I could be more ambitious, but this goal is achievable and time-bound (think “SMART”).  The race is Saturday October 2.


Thank you in advance.  If after considering whether you can give, you decide not to contribute to this run, please take a look around your home town, reflect on what you value, and take some emblematic action there.

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